Milestone: The First 50 Pounds

I lost twice this amount of weight in twelve weeks.

I lost twice this amount of weight in twelve weeks.

After twelve weeks of my healthier eating and exercising, I lost my first 50 pounds, which was my first major milestone.  Yes, that’s really fast.  I lost a lot in the first few weeks and my progress (but not my dedication) has been diminishing over the past few weeks, as I knew it would.  I remain undaunted and am still seeing results every week.  Plus, with the exercise and weight-training I’m doing, I’m putting on more weight in muscle, so my fat loss is even better than it sounds.

It took years and years to put this weight on, so it’s going to take even longer to take it off.

Here’s a photo of 26 pounds of butter.  I’m amazed that I’ve lost almost twice this amount (and within a week’s time, I’ll have lost at least twice this much).

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  1. October 28th, 2008 at 11:57 am

    Sara says:

    Well said.

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